Big Brutus Machine

Big Brutus


If you find yourself driving south of Arma near West Mineral, along the horizon you may see one of the largest tributes to mining history.

Rising up to 16 stories tall (160 feet) with a weight of 11 million pounds, stands the largest electric shovel still in existence anywhere in the world.

Big Brutus is a dedicated Museum and Memorial to the Coal Mining History of Southeast Kansas. With a boom 150 feet long, and a dipper capacity of 90 cubic yards. Many tons of soil was moved to provide access to the veins of coal below.

At a cost of $6.5 million dollars (in 1962) this is the Engineering Landmark for all things mining.

You can contact the caretakers of this mighty Big Brutus by calling 620-827-6177. As the museum is open most of the year, the hours will vary with the season.

Closed for only two of the Seasonal Holidays of Thanksgiving & Christmas Day